PLEASE READ ALL of the following questions below and all information listed on the Products page, as well as all info under each specific piece of gear before submitting an email. We try to answer most frequently asked questions on the website to make it easier for you as the customer, as well as keep us focused on getting gear completed and out the door. If you do not hear back from us in a few days, it is most likely because the answer to your questions can be found here, on the website.


Please note that all custom Kydex holsters are made to order, and quality takes time. Orders can take a few weeks to make and ship, and even longer if  further custom work is needed. There is NO WAY to  give you a completely accurate estimation on lead times. MOST orders ship in APPROXIMATELY 2-4 weeks. Please do not contact us if you are within this time frame requesting the status of your order, it takes time away that could be spent on making gear. Thank you for your understanding and patience. 


All gear comes with a lifetime warranty. If the gear malfunctions, breaks, and/or is otherwise damaged, it will be fixed or replaced. If used incorrectly or broken because of neglect it will be handled on an individual basis.

If for any reason you wish to return your holster, or cancel your order after production has started, you may be charged a fee that is equal to 25% percent of your order. No returns on custom or In-stock holsters will be excepted after 5 days of receipt. Most are custom made holsters. Each one made to order. If you need an option changed or added please send us an email, and it’s usually no problem to change.

For Color chart options please click the "colors" tab on the top of the page.


Q) What is your lead time?
A) Our lead times are always changing, depending on the number and the type of orders we receive. Our lead times are posted on the home page and we try to update them as they change. Please note; these are approximate lead times, it may take longer. Lead times also generally increase during sales and holidays. If your order is outside of our stated lead time please send us an inquiry at sales@tuctite.co

Q) What is the status of my order?
A) We are not able to provide you with status updates about your order. You will receive a confirmation email when we have accepted your order. If you did not receive an email then we did not receive it or an incorrect email address was entered.  The next status update you will receive will be a shipping notification letting you know that your order is in the process of being finished and will ship very soon. Tracking will be provided for you as well.

Q) Can you make a holster for a gun not listed on the site?
A) At this time we only make the models listed on the site. We hope to expand the lineup as time allows to further accept more models of guns and accessories. However, our biggest concern is building for the popular models we already have listed.

Q) If i do have a problem with my gear can I get it fixed?
A) We stand behind our gear 100%. We have a warranty on all our gear that extends for the lifetime of the gear. It will all be handled on a case by case basis. If for some reason something does break or there is an issue,PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO FIX IT. Contact us directly and we will work to get it resolved as quickly as possible.


 Email sales@tuctite.co

Please include a relative subject title to the email as well as your full name, this makes it possible to look up information regarding your order if need be.